From António Mexia Alves

I am the sole author and administrator of NUNC COEPI  it is - for a few years now - my only job.
Upon him I bestow the best of my effort at an average of 5 - 7 hours of daily work.
NUNC COEPI  has - and will - only apostolic purposes and, therefore, with reference to the words of Jesus:

The laborer deserves his keep " [i]

and being my difficult personal situation in economic terms, I decided without any hesitation or itching publish this note.

I really need help and so appeal to readers of NUNC COEPI  to collaborate with this help that is intended, of course, current expenditure as internet, books, newsletters, etc., indispensable for the same work.

Any amount will be invaluable contribution.

If you decide to contribute, thank you please send to my personal email - ontiano@gmail.com  - an indication that you want to contribute and, in response,  will indicate the IBAN of the account to which you can make their transfer

Already, thank you and my assurance that  NUNC COEPI  continue with their daily publications, so help me God and enlighten.

As of today: Received the May 9: 25 €

I renew, therefore, my call as the situation remains delicate.

António Mexia Alves